herbal extract

Herbal Extracts

Created thousands of years ago by our herbal ancestors who originally crafted extracts by batching different plant materials, herbal extracts have found a perpetual place in the world of modern health-related matters. We present a range of herbal extracts that promise utmost effectiveness and complete safety.

Product Specification Pharmacological Use
Adhatoda vasica Vasicine 0.25% Bronchodilator, anti asthmatic Cough, breathlessness
Andrographis paniculata (Dry powder) Andrographolides 10%, 20%, 80% Hepatoprotective, Viral hepatitis, Loss of appetite
Asparagus racemosus Saponins 20% Galactagogue, adaptagenic, General weakness
Ashwagandha Withanolides 2.5%, Saponins 15% CNS depressant, aphrodisiac, stress induced disorders
Bacopa monnieri Bacosides 20%, 45% Brain tonic, nervine tonic
Boerhavia diffusa Alkaloids 0.1% Hepatoprotective, diuretic, antifibrinolytic & anti-inflammatory
Boswellia serrate Boswellic acid 60%, 70%, 75% Aniarthritic, anti-inflammatory, Rheumatic disorders, dyspepsia
Bambusa arundinacea Natural silica 75% Digestion of Proteins & counteract in spasmodic disorders. Promotes & regulates menstrual periods.
Capsicum annum Capsaicin 3-10% Anti oxidant , stimulant, Dyspepsia, Vericosa veins
Centella asiatica Triterpenes 10%, 20% Brain tonic, Anxiety neurosis minor memory disturbances
Coleus forkohli Forskohlins 10%, 20% Cardiovascular tonic
Commiphora mukul (Guggal) Guggalsterones 3% & 4% Anti-inflammatory, Hypolipidaemic. Rheumatism
Curcumin Curcuminoids 95% Anti oxidant, anti –inflammatory, anti cancer, skin allergy, viral hepatitis
Emblica officinalis Tannins 30% Cardiotonic. Aging hair loss, general debility
Eclipta alba Total solids not less than 65% For healthy long & black hair
Evolvulus alsinoides Bitters 3% Brain tonic
Fenugreek Hydroxyisoleucine 40% & 70% Anti Diabetic, insulinotropic & weight mgmt.
Garcinia cambogia HCA>50%, 60%, 70% Water soluble Anti obesity
Ginger Gingerols 6% Carminative, digestive, Nausea, motion sickness, rheumatism
Glycyrrhiza glabra Glycyrrhizinic acid 20% Demulcent. Acid peptic disease, chronic liver disease.
Green tea leaf Polyphenols 50%, Catechins 30% Anti oxidant , anti cancer, Hypertension, tumours
Griffonia simplicifolia 5 Hydroxytryptophane 20%, 25%, 50%,75% Anti diabetic. Stimulates heart & circulatory system
Gymnema sylvestre Gymnemic acid>50%, 70% Anti diabetic , Stimulates heart & circulatory, stimulates heart & circulatory system
Haemedismus indicus Saponins 7.5% Demulcent, diaphorectic & diuretic
Holarrhena antisenterica Alkaloids 2.5% - 6% Anti amoebic, Dysentery, diarrohoea, indigestion
Hypericum perforatum 0.3% Hypericin Useful in excoriations, Wounds & Bruises
Inula racemosa Allinto lactone 2.5% Used in chronic bronchitis & rheumatism
Lagerstroemia Speciosa Corosolic Acid 1% Stabilizing Blood Sugar Level
Momordica charantia Bitters 8% Useful in ghout & rheumatism, acts as blood purifier, anti-diabetic
Morinda citrifolia 5:1 Rejuvenative
Moringa lifera leaf Alkaloids 0.1% Anti-helmintic & anti-inflammatory
Mucuna pruriens L-Dopa- 15% Spasmolytic, aphrodisiac, Parkinson’s disease
Neem leaf Bitters 2.5% Anti fungal, antibacterial, Skin infections, anti-diabetes
Ocimum sanctum Saponins 10% Anti bacterial, antibacterial fungal, protective against histamin induced Bronchospasm
Picrorrhiza Bitters 6% Bitter tonic, Hepatoprotective,antiathmatic
Piper longum Piperine 5% Anti allergic anti asthmatic & hepatoprotective
Piper nigrum Piperine >95% Carminative, antipyrectic, Dyspepsia, viral hepatitis
Terminalia chebula Tannins 40% Laxative, Urinary infections, peptic ulcers
Tinospora cordifolia Bitters 3% Antipyretic, antidiabetic, Gout, arthropathies
Tribulus terrestris Saponins 20%, 40% Aphrodisiac, litholytic, Crystalluria, urolithiasis
Triphala Tannins 30% Enhance body resistance, improve mental faculties
Valerian wallichi 1% valeric acid Insomnia, Regulation of disturbed sleep